We started Hatcher because we saw a problem - and not just any problem. A problem so big and so pervasive that the only proportional response is to stop whatever you’re working on and start a company in protest. Because otherwise, nothing will change.

Simply put, R&D is broken. When you think about R&D, you probably think about solving problems - but the reality is a little different and a little darker. Companies invest all their time, money, and resources into building new technologies, which are never designed to sustain the world that gave rise to them in the first place. 

Instead, modern products are engineered to monopolize the attention of their users and pillage the resources of the earth we all depend on, often without consequence. Businesses build technology for technology’s sake, and when it becomes obsolete, they create new products so they have something new to sell. And in the meantime extreme weather wreaks havoc on our cities, droughts devastate farms, plastic chokes our oceans, and new social divides grow out of tech platforms’ obsession with outrage. 

All of this begs the question: is R&D actually addressing problems, or are we just making new ones? This is the challenge Hatcher was created to solve. Half consultancy, and half venture builder, Hatcher was founded on the belief that we can reinvent the promise of R&D: not only for profits, but for the planet, for people, for our clients and our communities.

Hatcher’s mission is to prove that courage counts for the organizations brave enough to lead on sustainability. Combining bold advisory work and self-funded environmental impact ventures, Hatcher is a hybrid company driven by a single vision for a sustainable future. Our service offerings include strengthening and enabling sustainability strategies; building business models that fit the future; accelerating behavior change to support environmentally conscious lifestyles; developing technical infrastructure for the circular economy; prototyping responsible products and services; and embedding environmental metrics into development processes to galvanize change.

Our founder team has led major programs for Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups, government and academic institutions, and the defense world, and we often find buried treasure where all these worlds collide. Our military experience has shown us what it takes to defend our way of life - a way of life that climate change threatens in almost every conceivable way. We know it will take the cooperation of our governments, leading companies, innovators, educators and outcasts to solve the problems we face today. So we’re determined to bring them together. 

But this doesn’t mean we jump at any project. We exclusively work at the intersection of sustainability and innovation, focusing on original ideas with real soul and true environmental impact. We only collaborate with clients that share our conviction and commitment to creating a better world for future generations, because there’s no time to waste on organizations living in the past.

We’re also putting our money where our mouth is. Every 18 months, Hatcher will make a strategic self-financed investment, building a product venture from scratch inside our own four walls. Our incubations are aligned to the right investment partners that have a great track record with social impact. We don’t only help companies become more sustainable: we create sustainable companies from the ground up. 

Call us crazy, but at Hatcher we believe that we can change this world for the better. We believe that profit does not have to come at the expense of people and the planet. With the consulting work we do for clients, and the social impact ventures we’re funding ourselves, we’re here to prove it. 

And so far, we’ve discovered something interesting: we’re not alone. When we started following our North Star of creating profit for our clients, communities, and our home planet, we discovered there were a lot of incredible people who were motivated by the same drive to build something better. Maybe you’re one of them.

If you’re tired of complacency and crave sustainable change, join us. We go big because the future demands it, so if you feel compelled to act, we’d love to have you onboard. Get in touch if we struck a chord and thanks for reading.